Niranjan Hiranandani School Of Management And Real Estate (NHSMRE)


About the Director

Dr. Hemlata K. Bagla

Dr. Hemlata K. Bagla


From the Director's Desk

Winston Churchill had said, "We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us"

Real Estate is that sunrise industry which has a great impact on the country's economy. It contributes almost 6 to 7 % to India's GDP and is aligned to several other industries.

Though this field can generate enormous employment opportunities yet a structured programme of study in the field, has been largely absent.

The Niranjan Hiranandani School Of Management And Real Estate (NHSMRE) seeks to fill this void by offering several programmes of study in this area.

Two short term certificate courses- Certificate Course in RERA Compliance and Certificate Course in Real Estate have already been started successfully by this school and now the NHSMRE is launching its ambitious 2 year MBA in Real Estate.

NHSMRE under the HSNC University, is one of the very few institutions in the nation, to offer an MBA in Real Estate. This programme gives a comprehensive and multifaceted insight into all the different areas of Real Estate such as technical, legal, financial, general management, project management, IT application, functioning of regulatory bodies and so on.

Erudite and sharp academic brains have cogitated with experienced and notable industry luminaries to come up with curricula that is knowledge rich, research based and academically rigorous.

The key to delivering an effective pedagogy is its teachers. NHSMRE strikes gold here with its excellent teaching faculty drawn from both academia and industry, ensuring high standards of education. Added to this is a compulsory internship for one whole semester, which ensures that hands-on skills get integrated with theoretical know-how.

When the mentor of a school is the globally renowned Real Estate tycoon- Niranjan Hiranandani himself, then all the doyens of allied industries become partners in education internships and placements. This School assures its industrious students placements in this multi-billion industry.

NHSMRE comes at an opportune time for all who aspire to dream tall and build strong and thriving careers. When several industries are cutting down jobs, NHSMRE opens a new path to huge potential employment opportunities, that was hitherto untapped.

Well-educated and trained personnel will step into the market to carry Real Estate forward on their able shoulders. These graduates from the NHSMRE will blend the economic as well as the social, environmental, and aesthetic aspects of the Real Estate industry. They will symbolize that essential quality that Walt Disney had spoken of - " You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world- But it takes people to make the world a reality."

The Niranjan Hiranandani School Of Management And Real Estate seeks to create such trained and worthy people who shall bring great value to the industry. Aspirants to this field can put blind trust in the NHSMRE and be sure that their dreams of seeking great opportunities in Real Estate will be turned into a Reality.

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